Catalfano Massage Therapy

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What is The Irish Daisy?
After treating a multitude of body ailments at Catalfano Massage Therapy, I recognized a need for products that my clients could take home to enhance and support their daily wellness practice.   The question was what to offer - there are so many different issues that walk through my office door!  The answer: start with one client at a time!
My first Irish Daisy client has been with me from the very beginning of Catalfano Massage Therapy.  A skin issue has plagued her for many years, so I custom blended a skin salve infused with dandelion flowers and essential oils and asked her to try it.  The following month, to both of our surprise, the skin issue was significantly better!  The Irish Daisy was born out of this experience.  The name "Irish Daisy" is another name for the incredibly healing dandelion flower.
My Irish Daisy products include a variety of custom blended essential oils, nasal inhalers, handcrafted goat milk soaps, lotion bars, lip balms, facial oil cleansers, body butters, bath salts, muscle balms and essential oil diffusers.  All of my products may be purchased at the office
 by appointment, and of course, as soon as I am able, I will add them to the Irish Daisy website for online purchases.  
If you have something that you would like custom blended, please don't hesitate to call or email me.  I would love to work with you!
Renee Catalfano